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Valentine's Day Fun for One

It’s Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means.


The other day I was trying to decide what special thing I could do for my one true love, me, and the answer came to me at the grocery store. I saw a little cheesecake with chocolate AND caramel on it, so I knew it was meant to be. Plus it has pecans, so you know it’s fancy.

I know. I should have put in some effort for myself and baked a real cheesecake but I’m working backstage on a play that just opened and I’m tired, my apartment is a disaster, my fridge is empty other than that cheesecake and some expired yogurt, and I can’t even.

There are times when you just have to cut yourself some slack. This is definitely one of those times. Luckily for me, my date for Valentine’s, also me, is very forgiving.

Over the past few years I’ve become very good at being single. I’m pretty much a professional at it now. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t bother me at all, but I know that for some single women, it can be a tough day. It may not be a hard day for me but it is an excuse to spoil the ever lovin’ cheesecake out of myself. I’m also pretty much a professional at that now, too. So I’ve come up with 5 things you can do for yourself to make Valentine’s Day fun for one.

There you go. My list for making Valentine’s Day fun for one.

Now please excuse me. My cheesecake awaits.

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