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Prime Rib Steak to Die For

The Universe gave me a little present yesterday. I was just discussing prime rib with someone the other day and how I love finding it on sale at the grocery store. My eyes glazed over and I got that dreamy look of someone who has found “the one”, at a price that won’t require a small loan, or re-mortgaging the house, and who won’t leave you for someone younger with firmer breasts. One reason I decided to start this blog is that I know there are others who have gone through a

Once Upon a Time...

When I was a little girl just ironing my cat, I wished I had a blog about life and change and stuff. So I made this blog. Once upon a time I came up with the idea to publish a blog. I also came up with the idea of winning the lottery but I’m having just slightly more trouble making that one happen. The blog has proved to be almost as difficult to bring to fruition since I’m such a highly skilled procrastinator. I promised myself that by January 2017 I would choose my blog ide